Hotel, Golf Course, & Conference Center - Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas

Cedar Glade Under New Ownership

Cedar Glade has been recently purchased by Cathy Manning of Buena Vista, Colorado. Cathy brings over 20 years of experience in hotel/spa ownership and is the owner/operator of Cottonwood Hot Springs, in the heart of the Colorado Mountains.

At Cottonwood Hot Springs, Cathy is already using wind power, solar power, geothermal heating, progressive leach field designs, and aquaculture. In the near future, she looks forward in adopting innovative technology and designs to Cedar Glade Resort. Cathy has the vision of creating a beautiful eco-community atmosphere in Arkansas. With the perfect growing climate, great weather, and wonderful soil, northern Arkansas seems like a great place to try some new things.

There are many opportunities for the local community that will be available at Cedar Glade. Classes, spa treatments, health instruction, and of course Golf. Hopefully the restaurant and conference center will be create jobs in the community again the near future. The main focus will be on healthy food options using locally grown food. The property is also scheduled to create a small RV park so more people can enjoy our area. They are currently in the process of remodeling the rooms, and upgrading the pool and spa area.

Cathy would like help in building this new eco-village. If you are interested please let us know how you can contribute at

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